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Our Story


Calyse was founded by Cassandra Severino when she sparked an interest in making handbags. She began teaching her self how to sew in 2017 using leather and second hand textiles. This hobby quickly grew into a mission to create high quality, unique goods that are friendly to the Earth. 

Being an environmentalist herself, Cassandra strives to produce products that are sustainable and built to last. Sourcing leather thoughtfully is one of the top priorities. High quality post-consumer product is our main source for leather; for example, upholstery remnants, local leather shop hides & remnants, and searching social media platforms. You will also find up-cycled materials such as horse tack, vintage textiles, natural stone embellishments and vintage hardware. 

Each and every piece is thoughtfully designed and handmade out of our studio based in Candia, NH. Quality and sustainability are the key factors behind Calyse bags in order to bring you a beautiful, unique piece of art that is built to last and take with you wherever you may go.